About us

About Us!!

ER Music Gallery is is pledged to a high-level of integrity, committed to excellent customer service, and positioned to offer the best possible values to their customers. As an authorized dealer, we carry a full line of name-brand digital pianos like Yamaha, Nord, Roland, Kawai, Kurzweil, and Casio digital pianos. Our digital piano specialized store in Las Vegas with several digital pianos on display in store. We started online sales and have been in the consideration of shoppers for several years.


Also, we are the authorized digital piano dealer for many brands of band and orchestra instruments, including: Armstrong, Avanti, Bach, Benge, C.G. Conn, Emerson, King, Galway Spirit Flutes, Glaesel, Henri, Selmer Paris, Holton, Leblanc, Ludwig, Musser, Noblet, Prelude, Scherl & Roth,Selmer, William Lewis & Son, Vito, Yanagisawa. We stock many different models of these top brands, from entry level instruments for the beginning students to intermediate and advanced instruments for the intermediate-advanced students and professionals.

From now on, ER Music Gallery will improve internet communication methods such as our blog and Facebook page, to actively help customer purchase. Through knowledge and experience of our musician employees, we will do our best to inform each customers who visit ER Music Gallery.

YOU can be a participant of this blog as well. If you would like to COMPARE two different models and/or brands of digital pianos for your purchase, then please contact ER Music Gallery… Then ER Music Gallery will inform you with most accurate and detailed comparison, which can help you and other customers. 🙂

Come by today and experience the ER Music Gallery difference!


For BEST PRICE GUARANTEE contact us at our LIVE CHAT or call us at 1-888-990-0911

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