Multiple Authorized Dealerships

ER MUSIC GALLERY owns authorized dealership of Yamaha, Nord, Kawai, Roland, Kurzweil, and Casio, which customer can check our authorized dealership on our other associated websites at any time. Thus, ER Music will be able to explain specialty of different brands without any biased opinions. Visit ER MUSIC GALLERY MAIN WEBSITE About Us Page

Hypothetically, if you were to inquire regarding Toyota cars to a Honda dealership, what would Honda Dealership say? Would they reply Honda is better than Toyota? Of course, wouldn’t they support Honda cars that they sell?

Authorized Dealership is very important in musical instrument purchases as well…. Without authorized dealership, it is impossible to sell a brand new product as after-purchase services are not allowed and instrument companies do not allow authorized dealers to sell to unauthorized dealers… so if consumers purchase from unauthorized dealers there is a chance of losing out on various services. Ex – Yamaha USA Unauthorized Seller: Consumer Alert Page

ER Music will now actively implement blog to aid your purchasing decisions and provide an innovative approach to providing absolute support.

Our ER Music employees are mainly musicians and technicians, and will provide you with diverse aid in decisive purchasing.
Wish for best regard and encouragement in the future.

If you are indecisive on two different models, feel free to email us ( or call us(1-888-990-0911) and we will post in detail comparison.


For BEST PRICE GUARANTEE contact us at our LIVE CHAT or call us at 1-888-990-0911

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