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If you have two different digital pianos that you would like to compare… Please tell us 1. Which model and brand? 2. What is your most important emphasis (Sound, touch, accessory, durability, etc.)? 3. Who and for what purposed is the digital piano be used?… and we will POST THE COMPARISONS ON OUR BLOG IN GREAT DETAILS.

If you have two different digital pianos that you would like to compare. Do not hesitate to leave us a comment on our blog or email us at

You will find out why Las Vegas Music Blog is different from other blogs.

One more thing!! Don’t forget!! Las Vegas Music offers the most inexpensive price when it comes to digital pianos.

If you were offered the best price at somewhere else, contact us at LIVE CHAT or 1-702-684-7485. We will give you a better price than them.

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For BEST PRICE GUARANTEE contact us at our LIVE CHAT or call us at 1-702-684-7485

Ps: 1. Digital pianos in comparison must not be more than two different digital pianos because comparing more than two products can cause complications.
2. Comparison must be within major brands within Kawai, Roland, Kurzweil, etc. We cannot compare brands we do not have authorized dealership of.
3. Digital Piano comparisons can be subject to personal email delivery instead of being posted on our main blog. Please provide us with a valid email.
4. Comparison blogs are based on facts and will not provide any false information.

13 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Hey, I’m wondering what would be a better digital piano for me. I am a beginner, interested in playing general music, classical piano, and indie band music. I need to decide between px150 and p115. Can you compare the two for me?

  2. I am looking to choose between Yamaha Arius YDP142 or Casio Privia PX860. My daughter will use the piano and she is a 9 year old girl and a beginner. Can you post me a description and comparison between the two models please???

  3. Hello, I am a beginner/intermediate piano player, looking for a decent digital piano that will support me for at least 3-4 years. It needs to be portable and be able to record songs. I am confused between roland fp30 and rp302. Is there any other piano that you would recommend me in the similar price range? Also, can we use usb flash drives of other companies to record songs in these models or using a roland one is a must?

    • Digital pianos above decent price (i.e. casio px160, yamaha p115, roland fp30) can even meet advanced players’ need.
      I can also recommend you yamaha dgx660, casio px560-860.
      I think you’re referring to hp302. I think FP30 and newer models support any flashdrives but other previous models (including hp302) only support roland’s flash drive.

      • No, I am referring to RP-302 (launched in India in Oct’16).
        Also, I felt that the weight in the keys of roland was heavier as compared to the other brands. Is it better to have that? Also, in the same price roland is offering me ivory touch (in fp30 as well as rp302) which is not the case with p115. So which one should I go for?
        There is also a disparity in the warranty offered. The local stores are giving me only 1 year of parts warranty, but as mentioned in your blog for fp30, roland offers 2+3 years. Am I being played by the store here?

    • Hey Saksham, so after almost a year I’d really like to know if you did end up buying the RP-302. I’m planning on buying it within the next week and I’d like to know your thoughts on it. I can’t find any realizable reviews of it online for some reason, I’m very confused as to why this is.

  4. Hi, I’m considering between the Kawai ES8, Roland HPi-50e or the Roland HP603. They’re all within my price range, given I don’t really care about the looks or the electronic functions of a digital piano (i.e. I care alot more about the key action and realistic sound), what would you recommend? I’m an intermediate-advanced player and used to own an acoustic upright so a realistic digital piano is more important.

    • Any digital piano within your budget will have more realistic sound than your upright piano since they all have grand piano sounds. Both ES8 and HP603 (I think you’re talking about DP603 which was released about a year ago) have good key action with escapement. But each person has different taste in tonality and action of piano. some like brighter sound along with lighter action, and some people prefer the opposite. I would say try out both if you can at your local stores.
      visit for the best price.

  5. Hello, I have recently purchased a Roland RD 2000 and am currently playing it through an old pa system I own the sound is just not quite right. I was wondering if you know of a highly recomeded sound system for the Rd 2000?

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