Purchase Advice

First and foremost, Las Vegas Music would like to explain what we observed as we provided digital pianos online in the past in numerical order. Please read it before you make any digital piano purchase and hope this will guide you through the purchase.

And more…. It will guide you in your purchase, will provide all our best knowledge and opinion of the employees of Las Vegas Music, offer the best suitable product based on the intentions of the customer and will not make any biased opinion by pushing or recommending a certain product.

If there are any concerns regarding Las Vegas Music, please feel free to email us (info@clvmusic.com) or call us(1-702-684-7485) and give us any opinion or advice.


For BEST PRICE GUARANTEE contact us at our LIVE CHAT or call us at 1-888-990-0911


2 thoughts on “Purchase Advice

  1. I would like to know what digital piano you’d recommend for under $2000. It will be mainly used by my daughter who is 7 years old and about to start learning and for myself who want to pick up playing again after not playing for 20 years! Thank you.

    • I cannot recommend you specific model, but I can offer you some candidates. I assume that you won’t be carrying around the piano and mainly play the acoustic piano sound.
      1. Roland DP603
      2. Yamaha YDP163
      3. Casio AP700

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