Top 3 Synthesizer/Workstation/Arranger Best Sellers of ER Music Gallery

This list does not have specific rank numbers.

These statistics are exclusively from ER Music Gallery. The statistics will be changed regularly.

For more product pricing and discount information, visit here.

Best Sellers under $700 ($499 – $700)

-Roland JUNO Di 61

Roland JUNO Di 61

-Yamaha MX61

Yamaha MX61

-Roland BK3

Roland BK3


Best Sellers under $1000 ($700 – $1000)

-Roland JUNO DS 88

Roland JUNO DS 88

-Yamaha PSR S670

Yamaha PSR S670

-Roland BK5

Roland BK5


Best Sellers under $1500 ($1000 – $1500)

-Yamaha PSR S770

Yamaha PSR S770

-Yamaha MOXF6

Yamaha MOXF6

-Roland EA7

Roland EA7


Best Sellers under $2000 ($1500 – $2000)

-Yamaha PSR S970

Yamaha PSR S970

-Yamaha MOXF8

Yamaha MOXF8

-Roland FA 08

Roland FA08


Best Sellers under $3000 ($2000 – $3000)

-Yamaha Montage 6

Yamaha Montage 6

-Roland Jupiter 80

Roland Jupiter 80

-Kurzweil PC3A7

Kurzweil PC3A7


Best Sellers above $3000 ($3000 & above)

-Yamaha Montage 8

Yamaha Montage 8

-Yamaha Montage 7

Yamaha Montage 7

-Yamaha Tyros 5 76

Yamaha Tyros 5 76

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