Yamaha YDP142 VS Yamaha YDP162

The Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-142 and The Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-162

Popularly used for hobbies and educational purposes, both, the Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-142 and the Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-162 models can be purchased at a great relative price as a digital piano. The Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-162 is often seen as an upgrade version of the Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-142. But many wonder HOW? How are they different?

At Las Vegas Music, we will concisely make a detailed comparison.

1. Action

Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-142: GHS

Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-162: GH

2. Sound Engine

Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-142: Pure CF Sound

Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-162: Pure CF Sound

3. Height

Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-142: Lower

Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-162: 33inches

4. Optimizer Functions

Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-142 is same as Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-162

5. Output

Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-142: lower

Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-162: 20W+20W

6. Price

Depends on the stores.

clvmusic.com gives you the best price of course 😉


1. Action

The GH action is used by the Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-162’s and the GHS is used by Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-142. GH is an upgrade of GHS.

GHS= Grade Hammer Standard

GH= Grade Hammer

Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-162 gives its user more weight and smooth touch thus, sensitive users will be more satisfied with Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-162.


2. Sound Engines

Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-162 uses Pure CF Sound Engine. This engine is the sound of Yamaha’s Concert Grand Piano. Also, it has 128 notes polyphony, which allows no melody loss when the piano is being played.

3. Height

Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-162’s allows realism by letting its height as same as an upright piano. Not only it looks like an upright Piano, but it feels the same.

4. Optimizer Function

Accoustic Optimizer is a new technology of Yamaha. It physically controls the internal sound so it lets the 88 melodies harmoniously unite. Thus, it allows possible supple expression.  You can say this optimizer function is a basis of the Yamaha Technology.

5. Output

The high output of Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-162 uses a 20 Watt amp which provides supple sound. the output is 20W+20W, which means it is 3 times the Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-142 model.

Actually the most important part of Digital Piano is the output. Because we usually don’t play in loud volume, Better output is very important because it can allow much more plentiful sound.

Thus, Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-162’s output can give you better sound than Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-142’s

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